For Clarity’s Sake

Here is a link to my full paper for the WTS next weekend: Singular Plural Catholic Spirit: John Wesley with Jean-Luc Nancy.

3 Responses to “For Clarity’s Sake”

  1. jesse Says:

    I am excited to see you present. Hopefully i will be able to hang out with you that evening, i’ll buy you a drink and dinner if i can. see you then.

  2. Thomas Bridges Says:


    I know I asked a long time ago and forgot (at dinner on Monday night at AAR) – would you mind still sending me your SBL paper on Paul and Ziziek? As I mentioned when I asked in the first place, my flight left early that Tuesday. [trytoimagine!]

  3. Nancy and Wesley Redux « An und für sich Says:

    […] other than the Wesleyan Theological Journal that might be interested in some iteration of my paper on Welsey and Nancy? (I do have a more polished version on hand, under the slightly less clunky title “Catholic […]

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