New Benjamin Anthology

At the Seminary Co-op yesterday, I picked up a copy of a new anthology of Benjamin’s writings from Suhrkamp — Kairos: Schriften zur Philosophie. It contains a lot of the classic essays not found in Illuminationen, including sections from the Trauerspielbuch, as well as a selection of letters to and from Scholem, Adorno, and Horkheimer. The copyright date is 2007, meaning that all of you who do not live near the Co-op should continue to be murderously jealous of me.

I have a kind of compulsion to buy Benjamin’s writings in German whenever I find them, even though my German is still pretty bad. The fantasy, of course, is that I will discover some magic-bullet solution that will enable me to read German comfortably, but that does not appear to be forthcoming at this time.

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  1. Why Aitch? Says:

    Bandwagonesque, their calling it ‘Kairos’, a term I don’t recall Walt ever using. A few new fragments of WB were turned up about 5 years ago by the Archiv, but everything else is already in the Gesammelte Schriften, so not tempted to buy a new anthology.

  2. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    I thought he used the term kairos in the theses on history. Maybe I’m thinking of the commentary called Fire Alarm.

  3. bjk Says:

    Speaking of anthologies, I’m saving my change for The Neokantian Reader, by Dermot Moran. Preorder in case it’s sold out.

  4. bjk Says:

    2009 isn’t that far away. And now when you read a footnote referring to “the neo-Kantians,” you can have some clue what that means.

  5. Adam Says:

    I figure I’ll preorder that along with Protestant Scholasticism: Greatest Hits.

  6. bjk Says:

    I’ve always wondered what influence Emil Lask had on “Zen and the Art of Archery.”

  7. Adam Says:

    Why Aitch is right that I should probably just buy the Gesammelte Schriften, but the Co-op doesn’t carry that and I don’t want to pay trans-Atlantic shipping.

  8. Ivo Hoek Says:

    you might be interested to know that Suhrkamp has just (May 2008)published the first volume of a 21-volume Benjamin Werke & Nachlass, which should become the definitive edition. The Suhrkamp site has a pdf with more info.
    I already own the Gesammelte Schriften, but this seems interesting enough (the first volume has very favourable reviews in the German press).

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