Kierkegaard’s System

Last weekend, I spent a lot of time going back over Kierkegaard texts, in preparation for an exam (miraculously already graded and passed, so I must be an expert on this topic). I was struck with a vertiginous sense that all of this, the play of names, the variety of genres, etc. — all of it fits together into a unified whole. All of it can be taken into account and systemaized. In fact, “systematized” might not be the right word: it already is a system, one revealed progressively from a variety of perspectives, but integral and coherent.

I obviously can’t demonstrate this in the context of a blog post, but if I ever do demonstrate it, it will be in a book entitled Kierkegaard’s System — a book of under 200 pages, most likely.

6 Responses to “Kierkegaard’s System”

  1. nrk Says:

    Now, wouldn’t that be ironic.

  2. Adam Says:

    It would set up a kind of infinite regress problem.

  3. Wilson Says:

    This is a joke, right?
    Sorry, but I have a tin ear for blog tone.

  4. nrk Says:

    Therein: lies the irony.

  5. Eric Lee Says:

    Nobody would know that Adam wrote it, of course. It may be already out.

  6. Lloyd Mintern Says:

    You could call it “Point of View of His Work as an Author”.

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