Agamben Notes: Wrap-Up

I have now posted notes over all of Il Regno e la Gloria. An index to the individual posts can be found here.

I have also compiled the notes (with slight changes) into a printable PDF. Clicking on the table of content entries within the PDF will take you directly to the relevant section.

For easy reference, this post itself will henceforth be at the top of the category Il Regno e la Gloria, filed under “Agamben” in the sidebar.

10 Responses to “Agamben Notes: Wrap-Up”

  1. dionysusstoned Says:

    hi adam,

    i’ve been following your reading since about the second post. Seeing that it done, i figured i should say thanks as i found it very useful.

  2. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    This was a real service. Thanks Adam.

  3. Alex Says:

    Yeah, thanks a great deal. I was going to send you an e-mail asking for a compilation of all the posts, but this is awesome. Maybe this is the first of many “read along with Adam” series?

  4. Adam Says:

    I may do it again, but not for a while. What would be really awesome, though, is if this inspired other bloggers to do similar series. (Have I not earned a free set of reading notes or two at this point?)

  5. Adam Says:

    The traffic today is on pace to be by far the highest this blog has ever seen, and it makes me feel good that it will be for these notes — i.e., something that actually deserves attention — instead of for one of my periodic over-negative posts.

  6. Mark Says:

    Thanks Adam so much!!

  7. Thomas Says:

    Thank you for the hard work. Fantastic that you would do this! Any word on a date for the English version of this new work by Agamben?

  8. Anthony Paul Smith Says:


    It is my understanding that the translators, Matteo Mandarini and Lorenzo Chiesa, just started work. I wouldn’t think we’ll see it for at least two years.

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