When in Rome ….

So, is there no free wifi to be had in Rome? No live conference blogging? — oh the memories! What of the Grandeur?!

4 Responses to “When in Rome ….”

  1. Adam Kotsko Says:

    Maybe this blog has finally been anathematized.

  2. Dominic Says:

    They ought by rights to have a sentient supercomputer as a panel participant. And to end the conference with all attendees sublimating into beings of pure energy.

  3. Dave Belcher Says:

    I’m finally back…and “free” wifi…only in one spot…they charged like 5 euros per hour…fucking stupid. I just got back last night, I’ll have some stuff to say — though, to be honest, I’m really tired, so no promises on when.


    dave b

  4. Dave Belcher Says:

    Alright, I put up a wrap-up and posted my paper.

    Gotta say…not much “grandeur,” though.

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