Is the Pre-Backlash Forwardlash Over?

It took Deleuze about ten years before there was a proper backlash to his philosophy after a brief moment of being the avant-garde. Badiou got four. It appeared that Laruelle was destined to never get anything but pre-backlash fowardlash following the words of some popular bloggers. But, hope of hopes, perhaps this blurb on the back of an obscure translation of sort-of-middle-middle period book by Schelling means the fowardlash has ended and Laruelle can have six months? Maybe?

9 Responses to “Is the Pre-Backlash Forwardlash Over?”

  1. Michael Says:

    I’m really excited to read Schelling’s religion. Like many of his works, it’s something of a turning point, marking his first real engagement with religion as well as his first move away from his “Philosophy of Identity”. (Not to mention than I’m working on the next thing he worked on chronologically.)

    As for Laruelle, I always feel like I don’t know enough to talk about the matter. I just took out what they had at our library by him (three books available, a few more in storage which I didn’t bother with). I was the first person to ever take them out and one of them has been there since 1983. I’d like to figure out where he goes once he starts Philosophy III, meaning what the point is or, following Schelling, what the “positive philosophy” is of non-philosophy. I think (assume?) that’s where he’ll have some sort of staying power, once they realize what they can do with Laruelle and non-philosophy.

  2. impleri Says:

    Wouldn’t a pre-backlash just be a lash?

  3. Amish Lovelock Says:

    It is Contiuum…

  4. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    I don’t understand the question…

  5. Adam Kotsko Says:

    AMISH!!! You’re alive!

  6. Amish Lovelock Says:

    I’m alive. …and I’ve let it all out of the bag…
    I took a holiday, got a PhD and some human rights.
    Have you seen that @archerknewsmit guy on Twitter?

  7. Adam Kotsko Says:

    Glad to hear about the human rights. I am also now “following” the person you mention on Twitter.

    Feel free to post here if you like — your account is still open.

  8. Amish Lovelock Says:

    Thanks Adam.

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