Book Discussion Administrative Update: The Recognitions

Figured I should check in quickly regarding our discussion of The Recognitions. Apologies for not posting any open threads over the past two weeks of holidays. If you wish, please consider this post an open thread for any comments or questions you have, as well as an administrative note.

I was thinking we might re-commence our discussion on Friday, shooting for page 442. If most of us are already past p. 442, I do not object to bumping it up to the end of II.4 either (p. 486). Just let me know. In the absence of anybody letting me know, I’ll assume p. 442 is good for everybody.

4 Responses to “Book Discussion Administrative Update: The Recognitions

  1. Adam Kotsko Says:

    I’m only about 10 pages shy of the 442 mark, so I wouldn’t mind doing more — but if others are still straggling, it’s probably more important that people are able to catch up.

  2. Brad Johnson Says:

    A Confession: I’m about fifty pages shy of the proposed ending mark. That fact, along w/ the two other books I need to finish reading for review purposes, suggests that I’ll need a near-consensus that we should charge ahead beyond page 442 in order to be swayed.

  3. poserorprophet Says:

    Um, I’m up over page 600 now, but I don’t mind slowing down.

  4. Brad Johnson Says:

    Wow. You’re flying along. I’ll do some marathon reading this week and see if I can’t catch up to the pack.

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