Plasticity at the Dusk of Writing–Malabou Thanks

Catherine wanted me to pass along her sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the book event. She said that she is unable to offer a detailed response, but she is extremely pleased with it, and with the engagement with her work. Here is her comment:

How can I thank you for this wonderful blog, so diverse in its analysis, so rich and so gratifying for me ? The problem is that I can’t respond, I would like to keep the posts as they are, open and antwortlos as Germans say. Could you post some words of thanks for all the participants for me ?

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  1. clayton crockett Says:

    Just to add my own note of gratitude, thanks to Adam, Brad, Anthony, Ryan and Dan for selecting this book and for contributing to the event. I’m thrilled to see people take up Malabou’s thought, because plasticity is such an extraordinarily rich and important notion. And doing stuff like this makes AUFS a really unique and important blog.

  2. Mikhail Emelianov Says:

    To celebrate this event, I have personally purchased plastic cups, plates and cutlery – “it’s not just for picnics anymore!” I yelled, and when questioned, I pointed out the importance of plasticity.

    I too am glad this book was up for discussion – good times…

  3. Adam Kotsko Says:

    I’m glad to hear she thought the event went well — and of course to promote her work in our small way.

  4. Paul Ennis Says:

    I’d also like to thank you guys for doing this. My supervisor is the translator of the Preface by Derrida (Joseph D. Cohen) so I’ll pass a link to this blog discussion onto him.

  5. Ryan Krahn Says:

    I hadn’t had a chance to read this until now, but I just wanted to thank the whole AUFS crew for asking me to contribute to the discussions here. It was a lot of fun to be able to read and comment on this work with others.

  6. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    Ryan, feel free to just post in the future as well.

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