Forthcoming Augustine article

Several readers have asked about my forthcoming article on Augustine for Scottish Journal of Theology, and I have tended to rebuff their requests. Looking at the copyright information for the journal, however, it appears that I have the right to post the submitted version on my personal website, and thus I am doing so now:

Gift and Communio: The Holy Spirit in Augustine’s De Trinitate

It is not clear to me when it will actually be coming out, as they appear to have a significant backlog. I will anounce it when it occurs, at which point I will also have the right to post the official PDF (hence with correct page numbers, etc.).

As a general note, I am among those who complain about the obstacles to journal access, but few of us take full advantage of the rights that publishers (particularly university presses) grant us to make work available on our personal web sites. I will try to be better about that in the future, as should you!

4 Responses to “Forthcoming Augustine article”

  1. X-Cathedra Says:


    Thanks for this. I was just thinking of reading up on this very topic!

    Pax Christi,


  2. Adam Kotsko Says:

    Judging from the stats page, there appears to be about equal interest in this essay as in Mad Men (taking the combined clicks for my article and for the blog event as a whole). What a weird blog.

  3. Hill Says:

    I read both of them.

  4. Ray Davis Says:

    I like Augustine more than “Mad Men.” Augustine doesn’t have to compete with Tony Randall.

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