An example of a poorly-considered web design

In searching through the websites of Chicago-area universities, I came across the following navigation panel:

Out of mercy, I have removed all direct evidence of the university’s name — but I think it’s clear someone needs to fire their web designer immediately.

8 Responses to “An example of a poorly-considered web design”

  1. Brad Johnson Says:

    Though… the institution in question may get points for being honest.

  2. Bryan Says:

    happy, coy, curious

  3. Thomas J Bridges Says:

    I just realized you named the picture “analogia-entis.jpg.”

  4. Adam Morton Says:

    Awesome. Wouldn’t be the same without the beard.

  5. Christopher Rodkey Says:

    If it’s Wheaton, where’s the missionary link?

  6. Tyler Wittman Says:

    The campus in question must be infested with worms (from all the cans opened). This made my day.

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