Georgetown, That Wonderful School

I thought readers might be interested in this article. The gist is below:

Georgetown University has offered the former president of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, a dictator with blood on his hands, a teaching post at its Walsh School of Foreign Service as its “Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership.”

Apparently, neither the university president nor the faculty nor the Jesuits have been apprised that lawyers are working to bring charges against him at the Hague for human rights violations. Indeed, GU, an ostensibly Christian university, might just as well have invited Marcos, or Somoza or Liberia’s Charles Taylor to teach. Seems to me, inviting Uribe shows how stone deaf GU is to the times. More, it is a complete betrayal of the Gospel of Jesus. The Jesuit mission is summed up this way: “to promote the faith that does justice.” Hiring Uribe shows how much, here in the U.S., the Jesuit mission has become bankrupt. At Georgetown, it’s “the faith that does injustice and makes war.”

Also check out this site and this article. (Thanks to Andy Alexis-Baker for alerting me)

6 Responses to “Georgetown, That Wonderful School”

  1. Qohelet Says:

    Marcos has been dead for twenty years so he won’t be eligible for a teaching post. Maybe an administrator….

  2. Guido Nius Says:

    Well – as long as Jesuits can be expected to adhere to the teaching of the pope there’s some hipocrisy to their mission I’d say. Justice does not quite seem his first concern.

  3. Christopher Rodkey Says:

    Mary Daly said to me when she was in my car, “You know, the Jesuits, they’re very jesuitical!”

  4. Thomas J Bridges Says:

    “Jesuitical” is a regularly used adjective around the Jesuit school I attend (Marquette).

  5. Thomas J Bridges Says:

    Will, do you want to provide some context or explanation? This is a 39 minute clip.

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