The Dumbest Thing Ever Said

I recently subscribed to the @ParisReview twitter feed, and have been marveling on a daily basis at how utterly banal some of the greatest writers of the English language can be. I don’t know that this is the intention of pulling select quotes from interviews and de-contextualizing them in a random tweet, but it is almost always the effect. I could make a list of my top 10 “favorites,” but I think only one will suffice, because it is perhaps the dumbest thing ever said.

4 Responses to “The Dumbest Thing Ever Said”

  1. Brad Johnson Says:

    I can sense a profound disappointment throughout the blogosphere that this blog title didn’t lead to something else stupid said by Milbank.

  2. Craig Says:

    “Being Dead” wasn’t that bad; haven’t read any of his other work. This inclines me not to.

  3. Brad Johnson Says:

    Quarantine is actually a pretty interesting book. That’s all of his I’ve read though.

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