A Protestant Rosary: Reversing the World in My Pocket

If you’re not familiar with Geez magazine, you’re missing out on a fantastic publication that is unlike any other in the religious publishing world, if one could even categorize it as a “religious publication.”  The Canadian magazine, which is printed without ads, always focuses a single idea or theme for each issue, and then offers several visual, theological, reflective, and often surprising and subversive perspectives on the subject.

I’ve been a fan of Geez for a while, and I’m pleased to let everyone know that I have a short essay for a feature in the new issue, #22, on the theme of contemplation.  The feature is a “special section” titled “Varieties of Religious Contemplation,” for it I wrote a piece on the rosary, subtitled “Reversing the World in My Pocket.”  The short article is a revision of something that was cut out of my forthcoming work for Pilgrim Press’ Faith Practices curriculum on prayer and ritual (which I expect to be published this September).  I have a keen interest in Mariology which I would like to develop and have been exploring various expressions of beaded prayer practice over the past year or so.

  The TOC of Geez #22 may be found here.

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  1. david cl driedger Says:

    Noticed your name there. Aiden Enns (editor) lives in my neighbourhood . . . righteous dude. It reminds me of the better potential of the ‘zine’ era. Anybody miss getting your hands on a zine of some mystifying Christian sub-culture from some unknown place like Seattle?

  2. Christopher Rodkey Says:

    Aiden mentioned in an email to me that he is a reader, if not a fan, of AUFS.

    Yes, it is like a zine. It has a very DIY ethos about it although the production value is very high. And I think it is very high-concept. It’s a great experiment and worth supporting.

    A few years back a met a local artist and we had talked about doing an old-school zine, complete with sharpie art, etc., called The Post-Christian Century. It was even gong to have a M.E.M.O. column like Martin Marty’s in it, but it never took shape.

  3. Kampen Says:

    Looks like Dave beat me to claiming local association with GEEZ. Good to see a plug-in for this here.

  4. Christopher Rodkey Says:

    I am a hoarder when it comes to printed materials–I am a recovering comic book collector–but last year I started giving away my back-issues of Geez to my students to try to get them interested in that conversation but I kind of wish I had those beautiful magazines on my shelf. I did keep the issue “10 sermons you’ll never hear in church” issue, though. I thought that was just brilliant. The body issue about a year ago was also one of the best on that subject I have encountered.

    I love the holy interruption that I get when it comes in my mailbox. I don’t really subscribe to many magazines, but I also love the UCC’s Still Speaking magazine, but their new one came in the mail 2 weeks ago and it is already buried on my desk. Geez gets initially read on my front porch.

  5. Kampen Says:

    We sell GEEZ at our university bookstore and there was definitely some controversy around the body issue last year – considering the provocative cover and all. Think conservative middle aged Russian-German Mennonites coming in to buy the latest MPN publication and see that cover next to it on the ‘new books’ table. It was great.

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