A horrifying thought

In days of old, I would’ve shared this post and it would be on display in the sidebar. But, alas, in their infinite wisdom Google has removed this technology option. If any link warrants a post of its own, though, it is a new audio interview with William Gass. So, here you go.

A favorite line:

I used to love teaching philosophy for may reasons. One of them being that I could feel fairly confident that no student listening to me would ever believe what I say. Imagine being believed. It is a horrifying thought.

Oh, and yes, the Omensetter’s Luck reading group WILL take place. I will be contacting all those who expressed interest this week over the holiday, and we’ll get down to business very soon. It’s not been forgotten.

9 Responses to “A horrifying thought”

  1. Brad Johnson Says:

    I’ve not yet tried the Chrome extension, but have the Firefox. I see the old Shared items tab, etc. How does sharing of new items work? — does one just go through the motions of sharing it also on G+?

  2. Brad Johnson Says:

    No, just tried and apparently not. Am I missing something?

  3. James F. McGrath Says:

    In Chrome, as you scroll past a post, it adds in the old “Share button” and clicking that will send it to the side bar, same as before the change.

  4. diamondbolt Says:

    Thank You for bringing to my attention the podcast of the magnificent William Gass.

  5. Brad Johnson Says:

    Does not seem to work for me on either Firefox or Chrome. Perhaps I need to re-install when I’m less sleepy. Not sure what the problem is.

  6. Brad Johnson Says:

    Got it working in Chrome. Not in Firefox.

  7. Adam Kotsko Says:

    In consultation with Brad, I have exchanged our defunct Google Share feeds for our Twitter feeds. Enjoy!

  8. Diana Hereld Says:

    Am I the only invalid alive who *still* cannot bloody get my share function to work from Google Reader to my blog?

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