Agamben translations: An announcement

I have been offered a contract to translate two works by Agamben in the coming year: Opus dei: Archeologia dell’ufficio and Altissima povertà: Regole monastiche e forma di vita. The two volumes represent sections 2.5 and 4.1 of the Homo Sacer series, respectively. Opus dei: An Archeology of Office is an investigation of the way that Christian liturgical concepts have informed modern ethical concepts, while The Highest Poverty: Monastic Rules and Form of Life presents Christian monasticism as an attempt to conceive of a form of life that would overcome the opposition between life and rule.

We have agreed that I will complete these translations by the end of the calendar year, so now I know how I’ll be spending my summer vacation.

13 Responses to “Agamben translations: An announcement”

  1. kunzelman Says:

    This is really cool. I hope the work goes smoothly.

  2. Agamben translations under contract | Progressive Geographies Says:

    […] dell’ufficio and Altissima povertà: Regole monastiche e forma di vita – details here. And here’s a link to the plan Nicholas Dahmann did so you can see how they fit into the […]

  3. Jason Hills Says:

    Two words. Google Translate. ;P

  4. Adam Kotsko Says:

    Jason: Shh! Don’t ruin this for me!

  5. Charlie Collier Says:

    Congrats. That’s exciting news. Stanford UP?

  6. Adam Kotsko Says:

    Yes, it’s for Stanford. Sorry to have forgotten to mention that.

  7. Andy Says:

    Let me be the first one to ask if there is any news on the publication of those two new Agamben books.

  8. Amish Lovelock Says:

    Congrats! Highest poverty first! Not too into offices…

  9. Thomas Says:

    Congratulations. I’m eagerly awaiting both. I have a million ideas about Agamben and habit, and now I’m worried he’s just going to say them all in THP.

  10. Adam Kotsko Says:

    He actually discusses habit in Opus Dei.

  11. Draft translation from Agamben’s Opus Dei: An Archeology of Office | Progressive Geographies Says:

    […] the preface, here. This book, and Highest Poverty, are being translated for Stanford UP. More here. Share this:FacebookTwitterMoreDiggPrintStumbleUponRedditEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  12. specularimage Says:

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