RIP: William Hamilton

Word going around the internets is that radical theologian William Hamilton is dead.  Here’s an obituary.

A couple of friends attempted to contact him for a project a few years ago and he was difficult to locate, though, as the obituary stated, he did an interview a few years ago that eventually found its way into USA Today, of all places.

I always appreciated Hamilton’s work, especially his often forgotten On Taking God out of the Dictionary, which has a fantastic radical critique of early feminist theology–a critique that, as I understand it, had a profound influence on several important feminist thinkers.


2 Responses to “RIP: William Hamilton”

  1. Christopher Rodkey Says:

    The article says that he recently wrote a book titled Sine Nomine. Does anyone know who published this book? I did a quick search and came up empty.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    I’ll never forget reading his The New Essence of Christianity in college, which is a radicalization of Tillich and Bonhoeffer. That book, along with the one he co-authored with Altizer, stimulated by radical theological imagination.

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