Principles of Non-Philosophy Cover

Continuum (soon to be just Bloomsbury I think) has sent out the mock-up of the cover to the translation of Laruelle’s Principles of Non-Philosophy by Nicola Rubczak and myself. I am very happy with it, even if it bears no connection with the content.


5 Responses to “Principles of Non-Philosophy Cover”

  1. Jason Hills Says:

    Interesting what they’re doing with perspective.

  2. kunzelman Says:

    It has a certain “passed out in the middle of the day in a downtown area” feel to it.

  3. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    Think it’s NYC. Guess I could pretend its all very vision-in-One. But that might be forcing (of the) thought.

  4. MikeWC Says:

    I’ve loved all three Laruelle-in-English covers.

  5. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    I think you mean four… But the cover for Future Christ is terrible.

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