AUFS Constitutional Convention

One of the results of the wide-ranging dialogue on women’s experiences in the theological academy last week was a growing realization that our comment policy was producing results opposite of what we intended. Where we had set up the policy to shut down “entitled white dude” behavior, we did not do so in a way that emboldened and empowered non-“entitled white dudes” to participate. We had long known of this disconnect, but Brandy and others’ posts in recent days were a wake-up call — change was long overdue.

Accordingly, an ad hoc committee (me, Anthony, Beatrice, Brad, Brandy, and Dan) wrote up a new policy. We hope that this policy reflects all that we’ve learned and can serve as a new social contract to help make AUFS an even more diverse and robust intellectual community.

8 Responses to “AUFS Constitutional Convention”

  1. g2-ef7a5b9b513c6e88fe9dda19c01aeccf Says:

    I think you meant “now welcome” instead of “not welcome”

  2. Adam Kotsko Says:

    No, I think it’s correct as it stands.

  3. Adam Kotsko Says:

    Your rendering would have it read (omitting the parenthetical-dash phrase) “no one is now welcome….” Not the message we want to send!

  4. hewhocutsdown Says:

    Ah, tricked by those double negatives again.

  5. Stephen Keating (@stephenmk) Says:

    I want to express my gratitude to all who have contributed to this discussion, especially Brandy and Beatrice.

  6. Ken Surin Says:

    Would I be banned if I called someone like David Horowitz or Rick Santorum a ‘mofo’?

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