Monday Movies’ Best Unseen Movies of 2012

In keeping with past practice, here are my top 2012 movies I haven’t seen and want to:

  • Compliance
  • Les Misérables – please don’t ask how it’s possible that I haven’t seen it. Since Christmas, it’s been hard to invest an outing with the appropriate amount of hysteria.
  • Margaret
  • Take This Waltz
  • This Is 40
  • Your Sister’s Sister

Special consideration:

  • The Master. I reviewed it here, and even after reading Kent Jones’s magnum opus review in Film Comment, I still couldn’t get over the feeling I came away with — that the movie’s circle was too tightly closed around Freddie and Master. But I wish I’d seen the movie Jones did, and I’m very glad to have read his review.

What have you missed? (Here’s the comprehensive list I’m working from — it’s a mix of the Village Voice ballot and the Oscar reminder.)

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5 Responses to “Monday Movies’ Best Unseen Movies of 2012”

  1. Adam Kotsko Says:

    The entire past year, I have been extremely neglectful of film — both going to the movies and watching them at home, and even keeping track of them to some degree (for instance, I hadn’t heard of half your list). What have I become?!

  2. mattintoledo Says:

    I did a quick run down the list last night. Admittedly, there’s a ton there I’ve never heard of and my list is limited to pretty mainstream stuff, but here goes:

    End of Watch
    Moonrise Kingdom
    Red Hook Summer
    Sleepwalk With Me

  3. robotsdancingalone Says:

    Notwithstanding the vagaries and imperfections of personal taste, Take this Waltz was horrible.

  4. ben Says:

    As usual I can’t even remember the movies that I wanted to see but didn’t.

    I did see Beau travail last night, and it was excellent. Really beautiful.

  5. Josh K-sky Says:

    One of my all-time favorites. I haven’t scored as well with Claire Denis since that one — the source material may have helped, or maybe I just need to keep going.

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