The first decade

Crooked Timber has announced their ten-year anniversary, which reminds me that my ten-year mark passed a few days ago, on July 1. That’s right, I was blogging just slightly longer than Crooked Timber has existed!

When I started The Weblog (with a post complaining about Comcast), I was still living in Kankakee, working as a receptionist in a chiropractor’s office, and looking forward to starting my MA at Chicago Theological Seminary in the fall. Blogging has been a constant presence, then, in my career as a grad student and now as an academic, and it’s been pretty formative. It’s been the way I’ve met many of my most important intellectual comrades and closest friends — and in fact, it was only due to the blog that I ever learned of the job opening at Shimer College.

I have gone through periodic cycles where I was sure that blogging was going to destroy my career before it even began, but I guess that didn’t happen, at least not yet. In fact, the evidence seems to point the other way, which I somehow can’t process or acknowledge. So for now I’ll simply say — may it be another decade before the shoe inevitably drops! Thanks, everyone.

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  1. Jared Says:


  2. Eric Nicholson Says:

    Thank you, Adam.

  3. ambzone Says:


    A fan

  4. Josh K-sky (@JoshKsky) Says:

    I’ve been reading you on and off for many years, and have been very glad to be able to contribute to the enterprise in my fashion. It’s been a treat to watch your thinking and writing race along as well as shape a small community. Ten more years! Where do we go to vote?

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