Speaking Engagements and a Review

I am going to be traveling over the next two weeks for speaking engagements. I realize that some readers may be interested so I have placed the details below. Readers may also be interested in my recently published review of François Laruelle’s Anti-Badiou over at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

November 12th, New School – I will be leading a seminar discussion on heresy and mysticism for Eugene Thacker and Simon Critchley’s course on mysticism. I do not think this is technically open to the public, but if readers are interested I will record it. I will be talking mainly about texts from Hallaj and Attar, but also looking at the section in McGinn’s Christian mysticism reader on heresy.

November 14th, UWO’s Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism (London, Ontario) – I will be giving a lecture entitled “Failure and Victimology: On Laruelle’s Mutation of Marxism” (parts of which make up a chapter from my forthcoming Laruelle: A Stranger Thought).

November 15th, York University (Toronto) – I will be presenting at the Post-Non-Post event with Duane Rouselle and Drew S. Burk. I will be speaking here in general about the contemporary scene of theory today.

November 23rd, American Academy of Religion in Baltimore (Sheraton Inner Harbior-Potomac Room, 13:00-15:30) – I am presenting a paper entitled, “The Real and I: On Hallaj and the Tradition of Islamic Immanence”. The session is part of the Theology and Continental Philosophy Group and is entitled “Figures of Immanence: Beyond Incarnational Logic”. This is pretty much the AUFS panel this year with regulars Steven Shakespeare, Alex Dubilet, and Daniel Colucciello Barber presenting and Beatrice Marovich responding (erstwhile commenter and reader Thomas Lynch will be presiding). The other papers are bound to be stellar, so I hope some of you can make it.

14 Responses to “Speaking Engagements and a Review”

  1. mikewc Says:

    If your audience in London is very small, don’t don’t it personally. That’s just how they roll.

  2. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    While I’ve been lucky to be asked to speak at a number of places over the years, I have never drawn a large or medium sized crowd. In Liverpool last year we had five. Four of whom I knew. So, it’s cool either way.

  3. Kampen Says:

    I’m planning to attend the Figures of Immanence session! I’m pretty excited for it; looks like a solid panel.

  4. Adam Kotsko Says:

    The group at Northwestern was decent-sized, I thought.

  5. Ruth Marshall Says:

    Anthony, do you have a poster or announcement for the York event? If not, a contact at York who would? I know Basit’s been sending the info around, but I’d I’d like to send it around to some listserves at U of T.

  6. Craig McFarlane Says:

    To relive yesterday’s Twitter discussion: York Lanes–what a giant turd-dump.

  7. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    I am expecting this place to be gorgeous if your judgment of spaces is anything like your judgment of tv shows!

  8. Craig McFarlane Says:

    Hah. It’s a bus stop, food court, and tanning salon–with some faculty administrative offices on the second floor.

  9. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    Sure, like The Wire is one of the worst shows ever and the last season of Arrested Development makes all civilized people puke. York Lanes is constructed out of gold and the seat of leftist insurrection, isn’t it?

  10. Craig McFarlane Says:

    The Wire is fine, although I question the final season’s overriding plot. It wasn’t as good as Generation Kill, though. The most recent season of Arrested Development is, by all objective measures, terrible. I wouldn’t be surprised if York Lanes had been gold plated since I was last there.

  11. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    TBH, I would be pretty grossed out if I had to speak anywhere gold plated.

  12. Paul Ennis Says:

    You had a decent audience in Dublin too which is always commendable given it is a relatively small city.

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