What I’m teaching this semester

This semester, I’m teaching Humanities 4: Critical Evaluation in the Humanities (syllabus), an elective on The Devil in Christian Thought (syllabus), and a small tutorial/directed reading that I’m calling Heidegger’s Middle Period (provisional syllabus). It’s a pretty exciting teaching slate for me, for a lot of reasons. First, I obviously get a chance to teach over my ongoing research, which should prove helpful in a lot of ways. Second, teaching Humanities 4, which has been in an “experimental phase” for the last few years, allows me to have a more direct hand in helping to shape the curriculum than I would normally have, and the music and art sections should help me to consolidate some of the skills I gained teaching the fine arts course last semester. Finally, this will be my first time doing a tutorial, and it should be fun to dig more deeply into Heidegger’s work with some students who already have a thorough reading of Being and Time under their belt.

Aside from my Shimer work, I’m also going to be doing a directed reading with Stephen Keating over Agamben, which should be helpful as I have a major conference paper over his work coming up this spring and will also very likely be working on more translations soon. (I prefer not to discuss this in detail until it’s finalized.)

What about you, my dear readers? What are you teaching this semester?

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  1. Jared W Says:

    I’m teaching four adult Sunday School sessions on Paul.

  2. Daniel Silliman Says:

    In the American Studies department at the University of Heidelberg, I’ll be teaching Apocalyptic Evangelical Fiction (which is relevant to my research) and an M.A. intro-to-methodology class (which I’ve taught before and thinking or re-organizing around Derrida’s Specters of Marx).

  3. Daniel Silliman Says:

    Also, it’s good to see the work on the Devil progressing, Adam.

  4. Ben Says:

    Topics in Pop Culture: Baseball and American Culture (for hopefully the last time ever) and Topics in Advanced Theory: Music and Digital Media (materials here: http://eveningredness.net/2014/01/05/spring-2014-course-materials-music-and-digital-media/). And I am directing and undergraduate honors thesis on Tolkien and the epic. These things do not appear to go together at all.

  5. Mark William Westmoreland Says:

    Villanova University: Two sections of Augustine and Culture Seminar: Moderns (the second “great books” course). [Shakespeare, Hobbes, Kant, Pascal, Shelley, Kierkegaard, Freud, Sojourner Truth, Woolf, Hughes, Fanon, and Arendt]

    Gwynedd-Mercy University: Two sections of Philosophy of Race and Racism.

    Penn State – Brandywine: One section of Introduction to Ethics.

  6. Brennan Breed Says:

    At the moment I’m teaching a J-term on Eighth Century BCE Prophets (Amos, Hosea, Micah and Isaiah of Jerusalem), and in the Spring I’ll teach a Hebrew Exegesis course and a course on the Bible as it intersects with the history of visual art.

  7. Christopher Rodkey Says:

    I’m doing Introduction to Ethics and Critical Thinking at Penn State York, and a short one credit seminary course on Bonhoeffer for Lexington Theological Seminary.

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