Announcement: Future Agamben translations

I have been contracted by Stanford University Press for two further Agamben translations. The first is a pamphlet-length book entitled Pilate and Jesus, which I have promised to complete this summer. The second, and presumably more interesting to most, is the final volume of the Homo Sacer series, entitled The Use of Bodies, which I have promised to complete by the end of next summer.

I have received the text of The Use of Bodies, but I have not had time to read it as of yet. I plan to discuss it at length in my paper for the ACLA panel on the Homo Sacer series that I have organized with Virgil Brower. For now, I can say that its size is comparable to The Kingdom and the Glory, that Agamben disavows any claim to be “concluding” the series or making a decisive shift from the critical to the prescriptive, and that it promises an explicit engagement with Agamben’s debts to Debord, Foucault, and Heidegger.

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  2. Scu Says:

    First of all, let me repeat what Peter said, thanks for doing what is an undervalued, but important work. This, “it promises an explicit engagement with Agamben’s debts to Debord, Foucault, and Heidegger,” I will have to see for myself.

    Anyway, good luck and thank you.

  3. André Dias Says:

    Great news! Congratulations… Do you know when is it due to be published in Italian?

    Found this presentation—which seems a lot more explicit regarding the “conclusion” of the series, but apparently not full with conceptual surprises—for a coming Brussels seminar entitled ‘L’usage des corps. Pour une nouvelle conceptualité philosophique’:
    La recherche, commencée il y a presque quinze ans sous la rubrique Homo sacer, vient d’arriver à son terme. C’est à partir du dernier volet de cette recherche que ce séminaire se propose non pas de corriger ou de réviser certaines catégories de la philosophie politique, mais d’en déplacer le lieu et d’en interroger l’enjeu. Il s’agira donc à cette !n de substituer à la production et à l’action, en tant que catégories fondamentales de la politique, l’usage et le des-œuvrement, que le séminaire essaiera de définir dans une perspective proprement ontologique. De même, le concept de sujet laissera la place à celui de forme-de-vie. Et si les problèmes essentiels ne sont plus l’oeuvre et l’action, mais le des-œuvrement et l’usage, alors la stratégie qui y correspondra ne saurait être celle – héritée de la révolution française – d’un pouvoir constituant, qui ne peut qu’aboutir à un pouvoir constitué, mais celle d’une puissance destituante, qui ne se laisse jamais résorber dans une constitution et dans un système des droits.

  4. Adam Kotsko Says:

    I don’t have any information about when it will be published in Italian. I was surprised to learn upon receiving the text that it had not yet been published in Italian, actually.

  5. Jordan Peacock Says:

    Good to hear! I’m just beginning my journey with Agamben right now, with Homo Sacer.

  6. Dave Mesing Says:

    Excellent news, and very glad to hear about Debord. I’m trying to work out some of his influence in the time leading up to the publication of TCC. Agamben has an essay alongside Virno and some others in a book called I Situazionisti.

  7. pvcann Says:

    This is very good news indeed.

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