Open thread: warning signs of the “left-curious”

In Adam’s post from earlier today, he creating the fun, new category of the “left-curious” and identified those who loudly decry leftist autocannibalism as one warning sign for this particular ailment. My question is: what other warning signs can we identify? I propose a few and hope our dear readers can identify more in the comments:

  • Vehement anti-identity politics vitriol
  • The Huffington Post
  • Any call for third-ways
  • Nicholas Kristof
  • Youtube grad schools
  • May ’68 nostalgia?

What symptoms have I missed?

11 Responses to “Open thread: warning signs of the “left-curious””

  1. Stephen Keating Says:

    How could I have possibly left The Daily Show/Colbert Report off the initial list?!

  2. Brennan Breed Says:

    “both sides do it”

  3. pjebleak Says:



  4. noir-realism Says:

    MOGAI – Massive Online Glut Attacks and In-Fighting

  5. Eric Says:

    Zizek on youtube

  6. SLHinchey Says:

    Zizek on youtube? I disagree — not everyone has the time or energy remaining at the end the day to read Zizek’s books.

  7. Eric Says:

    That’s true. I guess I’m thinking about fascination with Zizek’s public persona more than his ideas.

  8. Jordan Says:

    Moreso, I suppose, the guys in my partner’s education classes who like Zizek for his dirty jokes…and then make jokes (that are uncomfortably unclear about their sincerity) about being Stalinist elementary teachers.

  9. Shahar Says:

    Bookmarking The New Yorker online, but never reading the print copy…

  10. ambzone Says:

    Mentioning ‘academics’ isn’t being Left-curious, pjebleak. Ignoring social classes and the way socioeconomic interests shape discourse is though. Humanities academics can be as guilty as marketing execs in that regard.

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