Fall Reading Group: Freud’s Psychologie des Unbewußten

71rJO8twa0LI’m eager to undertake a reading project in order to consolidate my German skills and have decided upon Freud’s Psychologie des Unbewußten (Amazon link). There are two potential options for this reading group: Online via Google Hangouts (or some other medium), or somewhere local in Manhattan/Brooklyn. The group would probably meet every other week beginning in September, but we can be flexible based on what the participants decide.

If you’re interested, let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Fall Reading Group: Freud’s Psychologie des Unbewußten”

  1. Yoshi (B4B/TTR) (@B4Btv) Says:

    I’d like to participate if you decide to do it on Google Hangout, as I’m based in London.

  2. sadbillionaire Says:

    Me too, if it happens in an online-friendly format!

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