Twitter updates

After much reflection and thought, I have decided to create a new “professional” Twitter account that will consist solely of selected blog updates and links related to my publications and public appearances. I have arranged things so that it has inherited my old handle of @adamkotsko. It has also inherited my old block list, thankfully, but not its followers — so I encourage you to follow if you haven’t already done so. I have moved most of my social media activity over to Facebook, where I am eager to make new friends.

5 Responses to “Twitter updates”

  1. Stephen Graham Says:

    I’m worried about being creepy if I send you a friend request on FB, since despite being a long-time reader we don’t know each other. (I’m kinda happy creepiness is in the mix though.)

  2. Adam Kotsko Says:

    I think it would be at worst awkward, not creepy.

  3. Simón Dijo Says:

    It feels creepy, I’m not gonna lie.

  4. ess emm Says:

    Damn, damn, damn. Your Twitter stuff was great! Gonna miss your pith.

    I think you had another famous tweet in you.

  5. Bill Tozier Says:

    Sad to lose you; I’m the kind of early adopter who left Facebook before it went mainstream. Will look forward to your reemergence, some day, in the Labile Medium (aka Twitter).

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