Request for Stats Related to Religion/Religious Studies/Theology Programs

As some of you may know my institution is going through a process of “program prioritization”. As part of that process we have been asked to provide information I have not been able to track down related to trends in the country related to student choice. I was hoping our readers might be able to point me to places they are aware of where such studies take place or, even more helpful, particular studies they know of.

The specific prompts is: Explain how local, regional or national demand and/or situational and/or external factors will impact your program’s future enrollment trends over the next 5 years? Cite the source for projections. 

Is there anything out there on changes in attitudes about the study of religion, or studies tracking changes in numbers of students declaring religion majors/minors?  Anything in relationship to particular demographics (race, gender, class, etc.)? 

5 Responses to “Request for Stats Related to Religion/Religious Studies/Theology Programs”

  1. Adam Kotsko Says:

    Does the AAR potentially have some online resources related to this? They would seem to be the go-to.

  2. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    Beatrice pointed me to this. My searches weren’t getting me there, strangely. .

  3. Adam Kotsko Says:

    I’m glad you found something. Now I can make the comment I initially wanted to make: Oh God, I’m sorry you have to do this. So anxiety-producing.

  4. nmsauer Says:

    What could they potentially do with that information? Crack down on programs or “at least” seriously reduce funding if results turned out to be “bad”?

  5. Anthony Paul Smith Says:

    Yes I imagine that it would be part of evaluating our financial solvency and risk to the institution

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