The Right-Wing Messiah

Last night I saw a preview for Secret Millionaire, which caused me to seriously question my already tottering faith in humanity. Apparently based on the show where the boss becomes an employee for a day, Secret Millionaire asks its tititular millionaires to move to the areas of the US that have been “hardest hit” (by what?). There they will live among the poor, all the while trying to determine which family is “most deserving” of a sudden influx of cash.

The premise is disgusting, but familiar — after all, what is Jesus Christ but a fabulously wealthy individual who “took the form of a slave”? Read the rest of this entry »

Christian Social Teaching and the Politics of Money: Attempt at Liveblogging

The proceeding being the attempt at liveblogging the Centre of Theology and Philosophy’s (Dept of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Nottingham) conference “Christian Social Teaching and the Politics of Money” (July 9th-10th). I’ll try to post on the interesting bits. Do hope this doesn’t mess with everyone’s RSS feeds.

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Raising Money for Robbed Grad Students

Update: We’ve raised about £125 (~$250) so far. Keep it coming if you can, but this does help. Thank you to everyone who donated.

A good friend of mine here in Nottingham just had his laptop, with all the work for his PhD dissertation, stolen along with his wife’s laptop. Basically some asshole broke their living room window and found the two things of value in the house. He and his wife have suffered a very hard year; losing a parent to cancer with all the financial burdens of traveling from England to the US to be with them on top of that. This has just made everything that much harder for no good reason at all. The cops have told them they won’t really be able to find the computers, even though they know likely did it. I’m wondering if anyone in The Weblog community would help raise whatever funds we can to help them get back on their feet. If you could give anywhere from £5 ($10) up we could really help them out. Please go to paypal and click “Send Money” to anthonypaul[dot]smith[at]gmail[dot]com.

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