Because I am lukewarm…

As you may have heard, because I am lukewarm, Milbank spits me out of his mouth. My “posturing,” my “pusillanimous theology” — all this is “bad faith.” As we know from that great church theologian Jean-Paul Sartre, bad faith is a serious problem, an obstacle to authentic human existence in the world. And so I should choose between the only two genuine options, being a complete hack for the (non-institutional) church or else going whole hog and being “an atheist and nihilist.” Fundamentally, my “posturing” seems to amount to my apparent belief that I can have it both ways, that I can get away with “repeat[ing] secular nostrums in a pious guise,” behavior that reveals me to be a “second-rater.”

All this is presumably motivated by my claim that theology might have something to learn from Zizek! Read the rest of this entry »

When in Rome ….

So, is there no free wifi to be had in Rome? No live conference blogging? — oh the memories! What of the Grandeur?!